What Do Priests Do?

Individual priests have a very wide variety of tasks within the Church.

There are many specialized ministries such as being a chaplain, working at the diocesan offices, or teaching in a seminary. But the majority of priests serve in parishes.


Priests instruct others about the faith.


Priests guide, unite, and encourage their parishioners.


Priests administer the sacraments and encourage holiness.

Vocations Office

Priests’ duties include:

  • Celebrate Mass and preach the Gospel
  • Lead a parish of Catholic Christians
  • Bring new members into the Church through Baptism
  • Hear Confessions and provide spiritual direction
What is Religious Life?
  • Help teens and young adults come to know Christ
  • Prepare couples for marriage and counsel married couples
  • Teach people how to pray
  • Feed the poor, visit prisons, and advocate for justice
  • Counsel people going through difficult times
  • Visit the sick in hospitals and anoint them for healing
  • Perform funerals and bury the dead
  • Manage the temporal affairs of the parish
  • Pray daily for the People of God

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